Title: Creation of information-computing complex based on a high-performance cluster to solve scientific and applied problems with a large volume of calculations

Start: 12.2005

Finish: 12.2008

Project Manager:
Libby M. D.
Project Manager: Dolgushev V.G.
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University
Collaborator: Prof. M.F. Buchroithner
Technische Universitat
Institut fur Kartographie
Collaborator: Prof. M.R. Strecker
University of Potsdam
Institut fur Kartographie
Institute fur Geowissenschaften

In the framework of this project it is provided elaboration of a geoinformational system to create and keep digital maps of remote areas of Tien-Shan.
Elaboration of the geoinformational system is considered as the pilot task for the high-performance computing centre. It is expected that during realization of this problem the necessary practical experience will be accumulated and the technology of applied software elaboration for user's application (with class "Grand Challenges") will be adjusted.
Within this task, along with development of software, it is planed to create large-scale geological maps of Khan-Tengri mountain massif and to store them in the digital archive. This digital archive will present a specialised database, enabling navigation, search and visualisation of necessary regions to access via the Internet.
Please, refer your collaboration propositions to the leader of the team "GIS and Digital Maps Development" Dr. Alexander Mikolaichuk (mikolaichukmail.ru)

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